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Starting your Freelancing Career

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Once people get to know what freelancing is they often want to jump on the freelancing bandwagon. Unfortunately, the allure of working your own hours the way you want to work all are left unfulfilled due to the fact that the person usually does not know where to start working as a freelancer. Now you can also be a part of the exciting world of freelancing just follow the steps below:

Knowing what you are Good at


It is imperative that you find out what you are good at. In this day and age with so much competition only those survive and excel who are best at what they do. Unless you find out what you are good at and would not have any trouble performing the said task for any particular person, your chances of success would be rather limited in the world of freelancing. Often people wonder whether they have the necessary skills to start as a freelancer. You would be surprised to know that a person often does not require whole lot of experience to get going. A little faith and out of the box thinking can take you a long way in the world of freelancing. These days just about everything can be outsourced, not everyone is a graphic designer or programmer but if you are good with words you can outsource your writing skills.

Branding Yourself


If you plan on succeeding at the freelancing gig, you need to have a concrete plan of how you are going to sell yourself in the market place in the midst of tough competition from all over the world. It will help if you can pick your target audience and the kind of work you are willing to take up rather than applying for work from everyone and any type of work. Once you are able to define your niche you can better approach prospective clients and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Building a Portfolio and Client Testimonials

htcabop-01testimonialMore often than not prospective clients will not look at your qualifications to give you work but at what you have done in the past on similar assignments to establish whether you deserve a crack at their project. You can demonstrate your past achievements by actively showcasing your past projects and listing the positive remarks of your past employers. This is a great way of showcasing your expertise about the skills you are pitching for and client testimonials underlines your capacity to not only meet deadlines but follow through on your commitment all the while producing quality work. The difficulty arises when you are just starting off. You will not have much to showcase. But this canbe addressed by taking on work for free. This is a great way of not only building relationships, getting experience with the projects that you are willing to take and having something to showcase prospective future clients regarding your skill set.

Pitching your Work


After establishing your brand with the aid of a useful portfolio and client testimonials, it is time to start pitching to prospective clients. If you have successfully branded yourself you will know who your prospective clients are. If your services are target at particular target audience rather than being generic will give you greater authenticity among potentials clients who will start considering you for potential projects. As clients who view a person offering service to particularly cater to their needs will be taken far moreseriously than those who offer generic services. Art of successful pitching lies in relevance and volume. You should pitch to those clients who resonate with your brand and pitch to everyone who falls in that category.

It is only a matter of Time

Once you feel you can showcase your skill set and ability via a relevant and meaningful portfolio along with the relevant testimonials, you will get the project that you desire provided you keeping pitching to enough clients to continuously bag work to power ahead in your freelancing career.


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