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Who is a Freelancer?

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Freelancer is a person who is willing to perform assigned tasks from various employers over a course of the year. A freelancer works part-time or full-time. The freelancer can choose to perform his duties in any way he or she likes provided client specifications and requirements are met in the best manner possible. As a freelancer is not essentially tied to a particular employer, that person has the freedom to work for anyone he or she chooses.

Often people believe that a freelancer is someone who works for next to nothing for their work, which is not true. Those who have established themselves over the years in their respective field can command a higher rate for their work.

If you want to start working for yourself, freelancing is one of the easiest, fastest, and lowest cost ways to start. Multiple freelancing websites, like and provide an online marketplace where employers post work and freelancers bid on completing the work in an open market, which is often extremely competitive.

The benefit to employers hiring freelancers is that the freelancers usually are not paid the benefits a regular employee expects to get. Which makes it extremely cost effective to employ freelancers for doing the work as an employer gets away with paying benefits and saving on administrative office costs in order to keep an employee at the office. On the flip side an employer does not always know what to expect from a freelancer. A freelancer might produce the required work in the quality an employer desires or you might regret employing one. But if you can master the art of choosing the right person for the job it’s a win win situation for both the employer and the freelancer.

Another term used for freelancers is “permalancers” or “permanent free lancers”. This term is used when one freelancer works for a particular employer over a longer period of time. The other names commonly used for freelancers are out-source help or independent contractor.


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