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Feng Shui — Cures

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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living harmoniously with your environment. Feng means Wind, and Shui means Water. The quality of these two elements is the key to our life and health.  You cannot live without air or water.

eCreating good Feng Shui in the important areas of the office is sure to have a strong impact on the prosperity of the company.  Incorporating Feng Shui principles in laying out office space will ensure that costly common mistakes that lead to sales declines, unhappy employees and turnover are avoided. 

These areas include the entrances into the building and offices, the executive offices, the sales and marketing areas, the conference room where  important decisions are made and the CEO’s room.

Feng Shui in your workplace is as important as at home.  Many of us spend more time at work than at home, so it is important to create harmony there too.  Many people make the mistake of balancing their home environment, but not their office, or vice versa.  Harmonious Feng Shui cannot work fully if you are spending time in and out of unbalanced environments.  Once you have balanced all your environments, you will find that the positive energy of the home will then flow into the positive energy of the work environment.

Feng Shui Keys to Success:

  • Clutter Free Environment
  • Encourage Curved Lines for Beneficial Energy Flow
  • Avoid Sharp Corners and Straight Lines as they encourage Bad Energy Flow
  • Place Furniture in Power Positions
  • Apply Feng Shui ‘Cures’ where Necessary
  • Trust your Intuition

A Feng Shui ‘cure’ is a specific change made to the environment using Feng Shui principles and techniques.  The placement of a cure is performed with a positive and constructive purpose or goal in mind.

Feng Shui cures are made up of various components or variables.  These components are the specific features of the curing process in general.  The components are factors that can individually or collectively vary to ensure that a cure best meets your needs.  You can also assemble components to invent an altogether new cure to resolve a work issue.  Using the components enables you to approach the curing process from the level of principle, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of energy movement and transformation.

Cures are Feng Shui in action.  A cure is whatever it takes to move the energy or change your life, nothing more nothing less.  Some of the more traditional Feng Shui cures are:


  • Mirrors
  • Ba Gua Mirror
  • Light
  • Small-faceted Crystal Balls
  • Heavy Objects (Statues, Rocks)
  • Moving Objects (Wind chimes)
  • Living Objects (Flowers, Plants, Fish)
  • Bamboo Flutes
  • Electrical Appliances (Fan, Music System, TV)
  • Colours

However, it is important to remember that any ‘cure’ can only be fully effective if you respect the indispensable ‘Feng Shui Keys to Success’, listed above.  How can you have good energy flow in a room full of clutter?  Therefore it is import that all aspects are well balanced and intuitively correct, before you apply specific cures.

Many people feel overwhelmed with Feng Shui.  There are so many ‘rules’ to follow and so many objects to place in certain corners.  However, Feng Shui is all about feeling, emotion and harmony.  Everyone can do it!  Sometimes you just get a feeling to move this or re-arrange that.  This is your intuition.

Learn to harness your natural abilities and enhance your work, your home, your life and the love within by going deeper into these principles.  Good Feng Shui is based on common-sense mixed with intuition.

But most importantly, remember that you have the power to change not only your environment, but also you world and your life!





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Interior Designer and Feng Shui Practitioner, has been a student of Feng Shui Master, Roseline Deleu, in Australia, for the past 10 years.

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