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Dos and Don’ts for Dressing for a Job Interview

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Dressing up professionally for a job interview can greatly improve your chances of landing a job while giving you an edge over other aspiring candidates in a tough job market.

It is important that you understand the occasion as this might be one and only chance to get a job at your desired organization or getting into the position you have dreamed off. Therefore, don’t dress up too casually or wear something that is not appropriate. It is always better to dress up a little and specially dress for your INDUSTRY and the POSITION you are interviewing for.

Furthermore, it is important that you invest in at least in one high quality suit or dress that you can wear at an interview.  Going in an interview wearing a dress that is not up to the mark leaves a bad impression. Besides, you don’t have to buy a new dress every time you are called for an interview you can dry clean the same dress and wear it at another interview. But a high quality dress will help you look sharp and professionally desirable.

You don’t always have to wear black or blue. Remember to wear what suits you best whether they are some colours that make you look vibrant or a style of dress that makes you look better. But do err on the conservative side as you don’t want the attention of the interviewer to shift from your profile to your attire. Therefore, avoid wearing flashy labels and most importantly wear clothes that are a proper fit according to your body size. Attire that is too tight or too loose reflects poorly on your judgement.

Getting the right dress code for your interview goes a long way in helping you land the job you covet and is the first step towards making a successful foray into the organization of your dreams.





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