Sunday, February 25

Kamran Rizvi at LYLC

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Kamran Rizvi, Founder of School of Leadership and the pioneer behind the self-improvement and organizational development in Pakistan provides us insight on the subject matter of Entrepreneurship.

How improving on your leadership and management skills, an Entrepreneur can get the best out of their abilities and reach the goals and live the dreams they aspire off.

And much much more.

Karachi Youth Initiative

Lyari Young Leaders Conference


About Author

Kamran founded KZR Associates in 1991 and pioneered the self-improvement and organizational development (OD) movement in Pakistan. Kamran serves on the boards of Navitus, SoL, SoLF and is founding member and vice president of the Intercultural Communication and Leadership School (ICLS: headquartered in Rome. He has authored four books and contributes articles on management and leadership to Pakistan’s leading business magazine, Blue Chip (

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