Sunday, February 25

Being a Better Listener can help your Productivity

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Almost everyone wants to be in command, giving orders or dictating things. Showing that they know what they are talking about and making things happen. The reason for that is that almost everyone wants to be in the spotlight or centre of attraction.

Showing off their skills and knowledge not only makes one feel great about yourself but also makes you feel an important part of the organization. Yet often people forget is that to earn respect of your colleagues and bosses once you are able to backup what you say with your actions as well.

This is where most people fall short as they are time and again forced to ask their superiors and colleagues, what is it that needs to be done or how something needs to be done.  When you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves it will naturally affect your productivity and more importantly highlight that you are unable to grasp things at once.

You cannot learn more by blurting out what you already know. But if you start processing, listening and ingesting new content you are opening yourself to new possibilities of learning new things and in the process improving your productivity. For this to happen you have to listen with the intent to learn rather than the intent to reply. This change in mindset would go a long way in helping you improve your productivity but also help you earn the respect of others. After all this is what you are after whether it’s through your words or through your actions.


Here are some practical steps to become an Active Listener:

Be Tactical. If you have a thought or an idea write it down, don’t blurt it out. If someone else says it great move on.

Observe. Pay attention to those who are great Active Listeners, you will definitely pick up a thing or two.

Presence. Make yourself part of the listening process, just don’t wait and use the space as a filler till you get the chance to get your point across.

I hope you would have paid attention to what I had to say. If you want to be more productive and earn the respect of your peers and bosses you better start listening with the intent to learn.






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