Sunday, February 25

Finding a reason to enjoy your Job

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Ever had that feeling of being in a place where if you had a choice you would rather choose not to be, it is extremely frustrating when this happens to you in your job. You feel shackled by the way you have to operate in the company. The focus of your work is more about the productivity rather than the people.

You just can’t relate to the product or service your company is offering to the customers. You feel that there are better products and services out there in the market.  The fulfilment that you desire from your job is missing, making your job and to a certain extent your life meaningless. How do you turn around this feeling of hopelessness?

Before taking the drastic step of quitting your job, try figuring out how you can be relevant again? What would help you better express yourself and give you the feeling that you are making a difference by doing what you do?

The key is to think beyond your everyday tasks that you perform. You can do this by looking at the bigger picture. What is it that you do help you accomplish? How do you help shape the lives of those that depend on you, whether they are the customers or your colleagues? You have to make an effort to find the meaning in what you do, this will help you improve your productivity at work and most importantly bring back the joy in your life and make you feel valued again. Don’t wait for your boss or your manager to help you with that. Make a conscious effort of finding something in your job that you can relate to. Even after this you cannot find any reason to enjoy your job then it is best to leave your job and look elsewhere.






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