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Key to High Productivity: Focus

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In this day and age when technology is taking rapid strides to improve our lives, there seems to be a consensus that technology more often than not acts as a distraction at the work place. With the phone, tablet or the computer notifying of every email or Facebook notification life should be really more productive as an individual is working 24/7. Yet most work places bemoan the fact that increasingly workers are doing less and less in the same amount of time than they used to.

The reason is simple people are caught up in too many things and generally lack FOCUS. A cluttered and messy mind struggles to complete the simplest of tasks on time. Usually the blame on lack of productivity is put on too much to do, when it’s all down to a lack of focus. Here are a few tips on improving focus.

Stop Switch-Tasking

Now days people are obsessed with multi-tasking, getting to do more than one thing simultaneously. Multi-tasking is not impossible but the tasks where you require focus it is very hard to multi-task. For instance when you switch between tasks you are essentially leaving one task to focus on another task. This basically wastes time as compared to giving  100% on one task and then moving on to another task. That is why people have to redo a task numerous times as it turns out that they have been lacking focus and have not done justice to the task at hand.

Schedule Tasks in blocks of Time      

You can’t get away from the fact that you have to do more than one task at a time. The best way of dealing with those issues is to allot a specific chunk of time for each task in hand. By doing so you won’t have to go back and forth between tasks. Plus, the time you are working on a particular task you can give it your 100% rather than having your concentration wander towards something else.


Not all tasks carry the same significance and importance. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you are able to identify and work on the identified tasks that are most crucial to your work success and then move accordingly on to other tasks.

Organizing your Work Area

You need to be comfortable with where you work. That means whatever tasks that you are assigned to carry out you can do so easily. For this to happen you have to design your work area in the manner that facilitates your tasks and gives the best possible opportunity to complete these tasks.

It is also important to note what might work for one person does not necessarily mean it might work for the other as well. Therefore, when looking to optimize your own productivity you have to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly. As ultimately it is you who has to deliver.





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