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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

LACKLAN BLACKHALL shares his insights on how innovation is helping Entrepreneurs make lives better all over the world. He helps us understand What actually is Innovation? What does Entrepreneurship signify? The skills and qualifications required for an Entrepreneur. What are the opportunities out there for Entrepreneurs? How Innovation is helping Entrepreneurs make the most out […]

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Ideation & Concept Creation

Where do ideas come from? LACKLAN BLACKHALL helps us find answers to this Million Dollar question. He explains the concept of Ideation and its various methods such as: Evolutionary Idea Symbiotic Idea Serendipitous Discovery Target Innovation And finally impact of Ideation on the Entrepreneur. And much much more     [embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”]

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Nervous Public Speakers: 3 Tips To Ensure a Professional Pitch

  Angels Den, the leading angel-led crowdfunding platform, shares their top three tips to ensuring a professional pitch. We know the importance of having a lead investor on board who can increase the businesses chances of success in the future. Face-to-face interaction is a great way to connect investors and entrepreneurs and make sure the […]

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Money & Financial Management

In this podcast, we discuss financial planning and financial management for your business. When making a Financial Plan, make sure you document everything, especially financial statements. Financial planning is the same as business planning, except that financial planning deals with financial objectives. When making a financial plan, make sure you understand the logic and rationale […]

IELTS and its Benefits

Grant Slater|Role of External Accountant

Grant Slater, Director of Tribe Strategic Accountants from Australia joins Amer Qureshi to discuss what business owners should be expecting from their external accountants. In this episode, you’ll learn about:  How can Accountant add real value to your small business? What process should accountants go through in helping their clients create a sustainable business What […]

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Richard Gardener|Business Opportunities in Australia

Richard Gardner joins Amer Qureshi to discuss the opportunities that Australia has to offer. Richard shares his knowledge and provides extremely useful information for anyone wanting to do business down under. In this episode, you’ll learn about:  The Australian business landscape What are the trends in Australia Where are the opportunities for Small Businesses wanting […]

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Richard Taylor|Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

In this podcast, we have Richard Taylor with us to discuss ‘Financial Planning for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs’. Richard Taylor is a personal investment advisor at Elston Partners Wealth Management. This podcast primarily deals with small business owners and their financial planning. Small Business Owners often don’t pay enough attention to their personal finance. “When […]

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